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2006 - 2014

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from member =[BB]= Quiet


Blood Brigade was always dear to me even tho I was not around much during the later years, I still managed to keep in touch with some of you and occasionally check the website. Mopar, a huge thank you for carrying on the website after my retirement. You did an excellent job. I can be reached at if anyone wants to drop in. Farewell and God Bless.


- Q

from member =[BB]= 440Mopar


Blood Brigade brings back some awesome memories for me. Were there hard times, and tough decisions to be made along the way? Yes. Were there a lot of great times with friends laughing and joking together? YES. I wouldn't trade my time with =[BB]= and it's members for anything. You guys are the best. God Bless you all, and keep on rockin' =[BB]= style!


- Mopar

from member =[BB]= TonkaToy


Hey fellas, Just want everyone to know that I personally consider each and every person that wore BB tags my brothers. The times we have shared and will continue to share are some of my fondest memories. I'm always going to be BB at heart! You guys have helped make BB so much more than a clan...for this I thank you all.


- TonkaToy

from member =[BB]= Alphawolf


I joined back in COD4 where most of us started. This was a great community and had many wonderful people that were apart of it. I was also able to meet with a few of you while I was traveling around the country (even if it was for lunch). I thank all of you for being able to be apart of this awesome clan. I am sorry to see it end. There are some of us still gaming together in a couple of games. DayZ is one that I am active in right now. Thanks for everything from the Leaders and for everyone else that was ever apart of =[BB]=.


- Alphawolf

from member =[BB]= Tommo


 So sad my brothers but life goes on. A big thank you to all who made my time with you all a wonderful memory. God bless you all with a great future.


- Tommo

from member =[BB]= Swagger


Hey guys, It's been a long time since you've heard from me! Some of you might remember me, others might not. However I want to thank every single one of you for the great times we have had together! Not only the great games and matches, but the talks, chats, laughs we had were what I enjoyed most of all! We really always had a blast and even when someone was going through some tough times, we have always been there for one another, and I want to thank you for that! We're all going to the next step in life, some have already! Good luck my friends! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are somewhere around Luxembourg some time, I would be glad to have you in my home! Best of luck to each and every one! Maarten R. de Graaf - Aka. Swaggs


- Swagger

from member =[BB]= Beanbro


I joined this clan 6 years ago when I was 16. Everyone was older than I was, however i was welcomed with open arms. As time went on I had the pleasure to meet so many people. I watched this clan grow and change into something that truly amazed me. We weren't just a clan anymore we were so much more. It was a FAMILY, and with any family we had our ups and downs, but we stood strong and had great times. Some memories will remain with me forever. "600 minutes, that's like 5 days!" There will be a spot in my heart forever for every last person here. I love you all, and god bless.


- Beanbro

from member =[BB]= Stalker


Hi everyone. Stopped by to say hi and found that Blood Brigade was shutting down. It is sad to see this happening, as I truly enjoyed playing with you guys. It saddened me when I left the group, but life changes and did not feel I could contribute to the group the way I should. I wish nothing but the best for all =[BB]= members.

Happy trails.


- Stalker

from member =[BB]= Temple


 Hey brothers and sisters I just wanted to say hello and I've missed you all greatly. Hope everything is well. Take care gents!


- GT

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